Ten Things I Love About Bosque School

Dr. Jessie Barrie, Head of School
As we celebrate Valentine’s Day this weekend, I wanted to share ten things that I love about Bosque School:

  1. The brilliance, inquisitiveness, creativity, passion, and spunk of our students and alumni. I especially respect their sense of justice and contribution to our internal and external communities. 
  2. The thoughtfulness, dedication, and fervor of our staffulty. I am grateful that I’m able to observe their pure joy connecting with our students on a daily basis.
  3. The relevance and boldness of our mission, core values, and philosophy of Challenging Education, and the impact these guiding principles have in serving our students’ growth, engagement, and future and in making meaningful contributions to the health and vitality of New Mexico.  
  4. The commitments made to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Many organizations give lip service to these values, but Bosque School leans into the work to maintain forward momentum and continual growth in serving our mission to “...compassionately contribute to a more just world.” 
  5. Morning Meeting. The power of reuniting and reinvigorating our community each and every day through moments of laughter, contemplation, rocking out to great music, and connection. 
  6. The sense of play that exists at Bosque School. I love that our students are accomplished, impressive, serious, and willing to be playful. This is on full display during our annual Halloween celebration when we see incredible participation and engagement from staffulty and students of every grade wearing costumes, walking in the parade, and having fun.
  7. The passion of our families for their children’s education, for their drive for excellence in every aspect of a Bosque School education, and for contributing so meaningfully to our community.
  8. The ethos of innovation that infuses Bosque School and keeps us relevant, dynamic, and responsive to our students’ shifting needs and the world around us. 
  9. The beauty of our campus, especially in the fall when the cottonwoods are in a rainbow of yellows, oranges, and browns. 
  10. The truly unique elements that distinguish a Bosque School education—BEMPing to MRC to Senior Thesis. Bosque stands out in its philosophy, approach to education, and the opportunities it provides our students to find their voice and passions. 

At the end of the day, nothing could be truer than the poetry of the brilliant Beatles, who shared  “all you need is love.” I wish you a weekend of connection and gratitude with those deepest in your heart.

All the best,

Jessie Barrie, PhD