Love Is in the Art at Show Co-Curated by Hawthorn '22

Bosque School junior, Hawthorn, co-curated an art exhibit currently on display at the South Broadway Cultural Center, titled “Love.” From now until February 22, visitors can experience this heartwarming show that features themes centered around community, accessibility—and most importantly, love. It was her first time curating an art exhibit, and likely won’t be her last. “I am absolutely open to curating more in the future,” said Hawthorn. ”This experience showed me how hard this kind of work is, but also how it pays off beautifully.” 
The show is an extension of her dad’s annual valentines that have spanned the last two decades. Every year, her dad, also known as “The King of Valentine’s Day,” creates extravagant art Valentine’s Day pieces frequently on display around their South Valley home, dedicated to his wife and long-time Valentine, Anne. These creations have repeatedly made headlines (see here, here, and here). Hawthorn explained, “He wanted to have a showing of the collection of his valentines.” This year, the gesture of love is not just for Anne, but for the whole South Valley community and for everyone who helped make the lavish art pieces come to life over the years not just in Albuquerque, but around the world.
Hawthorn had the opportunity to work with co-curator Augustine Romero, the City of Albuquerque Arts and Culture Department, national and local artists including Shepard Fairy, Ron English, Lonnie Anderson (her dad), and many others. She added, “I was really excited to be able to work with the late Daniel Johnston’s management to show a drawing. He’s one of my favorite artists.” Continuing her exploration of museum and library studies, this opportunity came up following her internship at the Albuquerque Museum with Mayor Keller's Creative Youth Corps this summer.
The exhibit is free to the public and virtual tours are available, which can be found on the City of Albuquerque’s website. Learn more from KOB-TV and the Albuquerque Journal.