Passing on Old Childhood Stories With Some Neighborly Help

After learning about what service opportunities were available over the MLK weekend, Bosque Bobcat brothers, Thomas ‘24 and Jonah ‘26, were inspired to jump into action. The two chose to give their time to the nonprofit, Libros for Kids, whose mission is to, “promote early childhood literacy and language proficiency of preschool children by delivering books to their home monthly.”
To collect as many books as possible, Thomas and Jonah turned to their neighbors for some help crowdsourcing books. They designed a flyer and passed it out around their neighborhood asking for donations. “After passing out the flyers in our neighborhood—keep in mind we're in quarantine, so many people didn't even come out of their house—books started drifting in,” said Thomas. “The gratitude of these amazing people helped us collect over 200 new or gently used children's books in less than a week.” This experience reminded him that no matter how much greed and jealousy exist in the world, there are still many kind and generous people.
“I chose to donate books to other kids because I always read books when I was little. Without them, my life would be very different,” Jonah explained. “The service made me feel good that I could pass on my childhood stories for all of the other kids to read.”
Thomas explained, “I think that developing a reading proficiency at an early age is good because it helps kids in their future.” He continued, “Being a proficient reader myself, I think that it is very important to read books because the more you read, the better at reading you get, and the better at reading you get, the more you can understand the content of your book better. And here's the best part: the better you can understand the content, the more advanced content you can read.” 
Even though weeks have passed since they began collecting books, Thomas and Jonah’s family continue to receive book donations from their neighbors. Another trip to donate to Libros for Kids is on their horizon.