Horizons Update

Dear Bosque School Staffulty, Students, Alumni, and Families,
I’m excited to share with you that I’ve recently been offered the position of Vice President of Philanthropic Advising at the Albuquerque Community Foundation. My love for Bosque School, Horizons, and all of you made this a very difficult decision. After much thought and prayer, I have decided to accept the position and will begin on February 1, 2021. 

As a member of the Bosque School community for 17 years, I’m honored to have played a defining role in the creation of Bosque School’s College Guidance program, the commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusivity, and the partnership with Horizons Albuquerque, which originated as Horizons at Bosque School. I’m grateful that together, over the past seven years, we’ve built a private-public school partnership to increase access to quality out-of-school educational enrichment for those who need it most. I’m excited to apply all that I have learned while at Bosque School and Horizons as I work to make a positive impact on our community in my new role at Albuquerque Community Foundation.    

The foundation of the Horizons program is solid because of our strong retention rate of scholars, teachers, and supporters. My departure presents new opportunities for change and growth for Horizons Albuquerque. The Horizons Board has adopted an interim succession plan, and I’m happy to share that Tracy Herrera, current Site Director, has accepted the position of interim Executive Director. For the last month, Tracy and I have been working together to ensure a smooth transition. Tracy is a former principal and has been a part of Horizons Albuquerque in different roles since our inception. I’m grateful and excited for her new leadership role with Horizons. I am also thrilled to announce that the Board has approved Cindy Bonafair, past Chair of the Horizons Board and current Development Chair, as the interim Development Director.

Bosque School and Horizons will always be close to my heart and I’ll remain an active champion for the growth and success of both. While my role in our community will look different, we will continue to work together to improve our community—this is not goodbye. 

In community always, 
Juaquin Moya
Executive Director

We thank Juaquin for his many years of service both with our school and Horizons Albuquerque. We wish him all of the best in his future endeavors and look forward to him remaining a lifelong friend of Bosque School.