Holiday Service Opportunities for Families

As​ we prepare for an unusual winter holiday season with COVID-19 physical-distancing and sheltering-in guidelines​ directing our decisions​, we have been presented with an extraordinary, historical opportunity to pause and focus our energy on purpose. This opportunity can be complex as some might grapple with the duality of their own privilege and the awareness of the suffering that surrounds us. This pandemic is further illuminating social, economic, racial, and health disparities, bringing existing inequities into even more stark contrast with dominant systems of power and privilege. 

This time of COVID-19 can result in a shift in thinking and action toward valuing all people regardless of background, economics, or physical appearance.  Those considered “non-essential” in the past are now officially deemed “essential” and working on the frontlines. The pandemic ​is pushing us as individuals and our​ society, ​in general, ​to ensure more people ​get​ their basic needs met. We know that every member of our community is vital. The right thing to do is ensure we all have what we need to be well.

​Students, ​parents, and caregivers,​ we hear you​ are seeking more opportunities to step away from devices, go outside, ​build and create, share in learning and experiences, ​engage in service, ​and make meaning of this time. ​This list of service options represents Bosque School’s service partners who responded to our request for ways our community can help during this winter break. Consider dedicating some time during the holiday break to lend a hand. 

​Other ideas for making meaning of this unusual time: Engage in ​conversations ​at home​ about social issues that concern ​you​ most. Ask yourselves where you might be needed, and listen to family members, community organizations, service partners, and city neighbors tell us how. Discuss ways you can make a positive impact. Watch movies, read books, listen to podcasts that address the topics you and family members are passionate about.   

What will be your COVID-19 story? Feel free to contact Anna Rutins​, Director of Service Learning​, for idea-sharing. Send Ms. Rutins photos of your family’s holiday-time service projects!