Class of 2020 Madison Dressler Is Back on Campus

Less than a year after graduating from Bosque School, Madison Dressler ‘20 found herself back at her alma mater as a teaching assistant.

“The transition from student to faculty has been strange but enjoyable,” the alum expressed. 

Madison jumped at the opportunity to return to Bosque School after her senior year ended unconventionally last spring due to Covid-19. “After not being able to finish my senior year in person with my friends, teachers, and colleagues, I did not feel finished with Bosque,” she said. “I needed a new ending for my time here.”  

As an alum who has both learned and taught at Bosque during the pandemic, Madison has gained a unique and broad perspective of life in academia during these unprecedented times. “One thing that I will say about this very unique school year is that while everyone is tired of masks, online school, and social distancing, everyone—and I mean everyone—on the campus is working really hard.” She explained, “Staffulty are working diligently behind the scenes to clean surfaces often, to enforce social distancing, and to help keep morale positive,” she explained. At the same time, teachers eagerly continue to build connections with their students in the classroom, both remotely and in person.

It’s clear to Madison that it’s not just Bosque teachers who are working hard, but our students too. “I know from my time as a student at Bosque, and from online learning at the end of last year, that the students are working very hard to complete the material, understand the material, and keep up with their own mental health.” Madison knows that staffulty and students are doing their best to continue to contribute to our school and community.

Madison has many fond memories from her time as a student at Bosque. Her fondest moments took place when she was highly engaged in her favorite classes and extracurricular activities, like MRC and Mock Trial. “When I look back at my time here as a student, I remember that it was stressful because I wanted to do my best, but that I loved it.” She loved her classmates and the ways in which they pushed one another inside and outside of the classroom to truly engage and understand the material they were learning—from passages in Songs of Solomon, to chemistry labs, to articles from her Comparative Politics class, and to tricky math problems. Whatever the material was, they learned it more deeply by engaging with it together.

We are excited to have Madison on board as a staffulty member and look forward to making many more great memories with her.