Preparing for Project SERVE

Next Wednesday, October 7, will be a busy and eventful day for Upper School students! Project SERVE is an anchor date in the fall semester when each Service Learning (SL) group dedicates school-time hours to service projects and/or learning workshops. Project SERVE provides an opportunity for team-building across grades, establishing foundational understanding about a SL  group's particular focal point, connecting with new or renewed community partnerships, and setting the tone for the year. Per long-standing tradition, seniors are self-selecting a farm or food pantry site to engage with issues around food insecurity and food justice.   

October 7th is a Wellness Wednesday; however, Upper School advisory, clubs, honor societies, and other extracurriculars will not happen. Students enrolled in US SL groups will be sent all necessary details no later than next Monday at noon. On October 7th, Middle School Wellness Wednesday routines will continue as scheduled starting with advisory meetings in the morning.  However, we encourage MS students and families to engage in service that afternoon! Some ideas for consideration follow below. 

Upper School students who have opted out of SL this year are invited to make volunteering and service a focal point for October 7th. We encourage you to extend this community core value into partner sites, places of worship, outdoor spaces, and in your own home to participate in the spirit of the day across our school community. For those who feel comfortable engaging in community spaces while adhering to COVID-19 health and safety regulations, consider opportunities presented on this list of a handful of existing Bosque School partners.  Make contact today or tomorrow to make plans!  

Consider these ideas: Organize a small group of friends, engage parents, grandparents, or other family members, and sign-up for two-three-four hours of service. Bring a packed lunch.   ECHO Food Pantry (a core 7th grade SL field trip experience) is struggling to fulfill their food box demand for senior citizens due to budget cuts and a smaller staff. Roadrunner Food Bank has experienced a dramatic decline in volunteer numbers. Take a trash bag and gloves to your favorite hiking area or walking route and pick-up trash. Offer neighbors a helping hand with yard work or house projects. Ask your family members how you could help ease work and life pressures at this time.   

Finally, take pictures! Send Ms. Rutins, Director of SL, photos of your individual, small group, and remote projects to capture this day of service!

Parents/caregivers, a more detailed letter will go out to you tomorrow. Please help your student prepare for their particular service initiative and, if comfortable, plan your own day of volunteering.  Again, students will get final details by the end of the day Monday, October 5th. 

Please feel free to contact Ms. Rutins via email for any further information.