Launching This Year's Service Learning Program

This year's Service Learning (SL) program launched with the voices of our student leaders and alumni.  Per annual tradition, student leaders representing their respective SL group prepared a 90-second "Black Box Pitch" to introduce all upper school students to this year's options.  Student leaders prepared short video clips outlining their group's mission, community partners, plans for this year, and leadership pledge. These clips were book-ended by the alumni voices of Shannon Abbott ‘12 and Dan Ohiri ‘16, who have effectively parlayed their years of Service Learning at Bosque School to college, career, and personal time. Watch this video to experience the joy, creativity, passion, and purpose of our youth leaders.

For an overview of Bosque's School Service Learning philosophy and structural approach, watch this video by Anna Rutins, Director of Service Learning.   

Both videos were shared with all 9th–12th graders during advisory and WILLDS time last week.  Please contact Anna Rutins for any further information about the SL program.