Animations, Comics, and More in Señora Lineback's Class

Ms. Lineback’s 7th grade Spanish class is getting creative this week. They are reviewing common classroom expressions so that their class can be fully conducted in Spanish going forward. Ms. Lineback says that “the best way to learn a language is through using it.” They’re putting these expressions to use through an imaginative project.
In each of their projects, students must utilize at least 10 of the expressions that they’re working on in class. They were given a few creative options to choose from to illustrate the class expressions:
  • Write and illustrate a comic.
  • Work in a group to create a scene.
  • Create a slides deck.
  • Design a game.
  • Design a digital/real poster for your Spanish classroom.

Ms. Lineback welcomed any other innovative ideas as well, and has been pleasantly surprised with the results. One student, Katie ‘26, went above and beyond by creating an animation. See it for yourself.

“I chose this project as a way for my students to review common classroom language,” said Ms. Lineback. She hopes that by making something creative like a poster, game, comic, etc., will also help them remember these important expressions. “I like to give them a choice as to how they work with the concepts because they always come up with interesting ideas. If we can all remember and use these expressions, then we are able to have class in Spanish, which is helpful to our learning all year!”

The students spent Monday and Tuesday of this week presenting their final creations to their peers in class.