BEMP Becomes Its Own Nonprofit Organization

An Update from BEMP:
BEMP has had some big changes over the summer.  After 24 years of being a Bosque School program, we are now an independent organization…sort of. BEMP has incorporated as its own nonprofit corporation, yet the Bosque School Board of Trustees appoints the majority of BEMP’s board and BEMP will remain headquartered on the Bosque School campus.  So, we are independent and also still closely connected to Bosque School.  
Ushering this process along is BEMP’s new Executive Director, Greg Dyson. Greg was hired in February as BEMP’s Interim Executive Director, replacing the venerable Dan Shaw after Dan stepped down. BEMP’s new board of directors recently removed the “Interim” from Greg’s job title, so he is here to stay.
We were busy over the late spring and summer monitoring our many data sites in the bosque and providing virtual educational opportunities wherever possible.  Although we missed having students join us in the field, we have still been able to reach about 30,000 students since the pandemic started!  In addition to ramping up our social media educational tools, we distributed BEMP activities to some 10,000 students via the Grab-and-Go meal program coordinated by APS.  We’re now navigating the complicated waters of working with many different schools under greatly varying guidelines.  And most of all, we are excited to be back in the field with Bosque School’s 6th & 7th grade science classes!