Why Is Supporting Bosque Important to You?

Like all independent schools, Bosque School relies heavily on support from volunteers. The Philanthropy Committee, a sub-committee of the Board of Trustees, helps to support the school’s fundraising efforts.  These individuals help promote messaging relating to fundraising, provide feedback to the Philanthropy Department, make connections between prospective donors and the school, and generally support the sustainability of Bosque School.  Some of this year’s committee members share why it’s important to them to give back to our school: 

Mark Fidel
“Philanthropy.  Noun.  ‘The desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed especially by the generous donation of money to good causes.’
"My name is Mark Fidel.  I am a proud member of Bosque School’s Board of Trustees, and I serve as Chair of the Philanthropy Committee.  The Philanthropy Committee exists to promote the welfare of the independent educational community that is Bosque School.  
"Currently 64% of Bosque’s students qualify for and receive some form of financial assistance.  In order to promote, foster, and maintain the welfare of the students and the institution, the Philanthropy Committee in conjunction with the School’s Philanthropy Department, led by Connor Adams, works diligently to create lasting relationships with benefactors who have a love of the School and want to demonstrate their interest with financial support.
The Philanthropy Committee supports the School’s goals and efforts through its members’ relationships, both personal and professional, in the community.” 

Rachel Gupton ‘09
“Supporting Bosque is important to me because it shaped everything I am today. Bosque is the reason I’m a loving wife, caring friend, inquisitive engineer, and an enthusiastic philanthropist. I volunteer because I want to help tell everyone about Bosque and what an amazing school it was for me and continues to be for the children there now.“

Kristin Salazar-Coffman ‘07
“I give to Bosque because Bosque gave so much to me during my seven years and beyond. Bosque helped me in so many ways and taught me how to be a community member, a person of integrity, a leader, to build relationships with my peers and adults, and to thrive in an academic setting. It is my goal to make a Bosque education accessible to more students!” 

Cara Chavez
“We were a Bosque School family for 10 years while our boys attended the school.  During the time they were students, we volunteered for a variety of activities, events, and programs.  After our youngest graduated, I had the opportunity to serve on the Board of Trustees and the Philanthropy Committee.  This seemed like a great "next step" to serve the Bosque community and help guide the school into the future.  The Bosque community has been an important part of our lives, and my hope is to reach out to more families so they may enjoy the experience of Bosque School and support the traditions which are so unique to the school.”
    • Mark Fidel

    • Rachel Gupton ‘09

    • Kristin Salazar-Coffman ‘07

    • Cara Chavez