Travis Davis '06 Promotes Disability Awareness Through New Podcast

Feeling angsty and restless while socially distanced at home, Travis wanted to make better use of his spare time. He had always imagined creating something that would benefit not only the disability community, but also those wishing to learn about disabilities. With previous experience in audio engineering, more time on his hands, and an affinity for storytelling, he decided to start his own podcast.
In July, Travis released the first episode of his Off the Crutch Podcast. Through the podcast, he hopes to promote disability awareness by sharing experiences of living with a disability.  As of today, he has released six episodes. “I enjoy listening to others’ stories and making the connection back to disability,” said Travis. “I get inspired by the feedback from people who say they enjoy listening to it.”
In a recent episode, Travis interviews former Bosque School faculty member, Andy Wright. Travis describes Andy as a mentor who made a significant difference in his life and was instrumental in Travis’ decision to pursue a teaching career. In the episode, Travis also discusses his high school and first teaching experience, both of which were at Bosque School. He credits his years as an educator at Bosque School for his passion for teaching and giving back to the community. 
Travis is passionate about shining a light on the disability community, especially for those who may not be exposed to people with disabilities. “I want younger people to be exposed to it because when they are adults and in positions to make decisions, I hope that decision is employing someone with a disability or making policy to improve the lives of the disability community,” he explained.
In 2011, Travis graduated from Azusa Pacific University with a BA in English. He went on to receive his MS in Physical Education from University of New Mexico in 2016. He is also a TEDx speaker and certified ADA coordinator. 
We wish Travis all the best as he grows his podcast! Follow his journey and receive his updates at @offthecrutch on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Subscribe and listen to Off The Crutch Podcast on all major podcasting platforms.