Stay Informed With Emergency Notifications

Nothing is more important than the safety of our community. Stay informed and opt-in to receive critical emergency communications. In order to receive text messages on your mobile phone, you must text to opt-in for these messages. Do you want your spouse, family member, or significant other to receive these messages? If so, please let them know to take this step as well.
Opt-in by sending “Y” (or “yes”), via text message to ‘67587’.
Emergency Communications include these situations:
School Delays: Inclement weather or other incidents
School Closures: Inclement weather or other incidents
Drill Messaging: Lock Down, Shelter-in-Place, and Fire
Actual Emergencies: Lock Down, Shelter-in-Place, or Fire
Messages will be sent at the beginning of a drill or emergency, during (for updates), and as a closure or end to a drill or situation.