Looking Back, Looking Forward

I write this on Wednesday, May 20th, the last official day of Bosque’s 25th year educating students. I am looking out over a deserted quad and feeling a bit of melancholy. The last day of school is usually one that is BUZZING with the energy of students racing around with their yearbooks ready to be signed; of staffulty grinning through their end-of- year exhaustion,  yet energized by the summer vacation to come; and of the overall community satisfaction for the academic, athletic, and community accomplishments achieved. Pick your favorite soundtrack to accompany today…“School's out for summer,” “What time is it? Summertime,” “Summertime, Summertime,”  “Footloose,” “Can’t stop the feeling….” Today is a BIG day. 

Looking back on this year, I am consumed with SO much gratitude for my first year as a member of the Bosque family. I have said countless times to countless people how grateful I am to have found this magical community and how lucky I am to have found a place where I feel like I fit and belong. I hope that this is what all members of our community feel when they think of Bosque, and I am not naive to think that is always the case. We have much work to continue to do to truly walk our talk in regards to creating not only a diverse, but also a truly inclusive community for all of our Bobcats. This is a commitment we will continue to make and work hard to achieve. 

While the last ten weeks of this school year are not something that any of us ever could have imagined on the first day of this school year, these past weeks have created unfortunate, but very tangible opportunities for a truly challenging education, as our students, staffulty, and families had to shift to a completely different model of remote teaching and learning and community building. The creativity, resilience, and commitment of our community in rising to these challenges has been so inspiring and will serve as a building block in all of our personal toolkits that will make us stronger, more adaptable, and more prepared to tackle challenges in the years to come.

There have been so many highlights over this past year: our boys basketball team winning their first-ever state title (and the power of having our entire community cheering them on with such enthusiasm and passion in the viewing party held on our last day on campus, prior to the campus closure); our middle school robotics team qualifying for the World Championships; two Science Olympiad students finishing first in the state competition; and two of our MRC students presenting to over 200 risk management professionals at the Wilderness Risk Management Conference. Additionally, Bosque students have made meaningful contributions to their service-learning partnerships over the year, and with renewed vigor since our campus closure. Our school-wide Community Care Donation Drive and other service initiatives generated almost 200 handmade face masks; 40 garden boxes; four buses filled with food, books, art supplies, hygiene products, clothes, and stuffed animals; and lots of love and kindness to help ensure health and wellness for our Albuquerque neighbors. There have been so many micro and macro moments of scholarship, community, and integrity on display continually in the interactions between students, staffulty, and our families. Our community has stood in solidarity with our families most impacted by the COVID-19 financial crisis, raising over $39,000 for our Bosque Community Commitment Fund. We have a goal of $50,000. Would you consider helping us close the final $11,000 gap by donating today?

And as we officially wrap this 25th school year, there are SO many things to look forward to in the fall. Here is just a handful of exciting highlights to come :
  • Thanks to the incredibly generous donation by Bobcat grandparents Bob Gouy and Dawn Nieto-Gouy, we have begun construction on a new MRC Medical Facility in the northeast corner of the library. This facility will provide an outstanding space to serve our students’ medical needs and create a professional working environment for our MRC students and Bosque’s first school nurse, Alyson Jefferson, who will start this summer! The space will be dedicated to MRC founders and Bosque alumni Ivan Lawit ‘09, Thomas Cummins ‘08, and Chris Quinn-Vawter ‘08.
  • Over the summer, an electronic gym divider will be installed that will benefit PE classes and athletic practices by doubling the capacity of our gym.
  • We are so grateful to all of our departing staffulty members (who are highlighted in this BUZZ) for all of their significant contributions to Bosque. As we consider these transitions, we are excited to welcome an INCREDIBLE group of staffulty to join our community next year! Click here to see their bios
  • The Academic Leadership Team continues to dedicate weekly time for developing our very exciting Academic Strategic Plan. The launch of our three-week immersive courses will occur in late spring 2021, including time to come together as a community for a showcase of learning and our special end-of-year rituals and celebrations. This timing will allow us to take advantage of the spring weather to broaden our abilities to provide outdoor, immersive opportunities and to reduce any disruption of learning progression in core classes. The immersive courses will be highly experiential, provide deep opportunities for community engagement and learning off-campus and will, by design, look and feel dramatically different than a course that is offered in the regular block schedule. Student choice will factor into course selection and options will be developmentally staged to create connections and creativity as students advance through the grades and school. Next year will be our deep design year, where we will build out our first year of offerings, and we are eager to engage our students in some of the creative design work through this process. 
  • We are so excited to be celebrating the school’s 25th anniversary with a full weekend of exciting, engaging events to bring together the students, families, and community supporters who are the fabric of Bosque’s past, present, and future! 

Despite what has felt like a setback in some ways in recent weeks, Bosque is continuing to look forward with huge optimism, hope, and excitement for a VERY bright future! 

As I wrap up my final Buzz post of the year, I send out my best wishes to all of you for what I hope can be a digitally disconnected summer that provides a mental and emotional break from the intensity of the past ten weeks. I hope you and your families can be gifted with some “summer vacation” spirit that is so good for all of us.  

WIthout a doubt, we will get through this challenging time, as a school and as a community, and we will come out stronger for the connections made through this time and the newfound perspective on what really matters.   

With so much gratitude,

Jessie Barrie, PhD
Head of School