BEEP Energy STARS Earn State and National Award and Recognition

The BEEP (Bosque Energy and Environment Peeps) Energy STARS (Students Teaching About Resource-Saving) just received the announcement that we have been recognized as the New Mexico Junior School of the Year and a National Finalist for the N.E.E.D. Youth Awards Program.
Our digital portfolio documented our meetings, our activities and school engagement, and our impact in our community. It even included the screenshot of our last GoogleMeet meeting!  Submitted and reviewed, our project included our two energy weeks, our community presence at the open house, our school and community recycling and e-cycling, and even our COVID songs and energy shutdown notices; we will now receive recognition for our work! In non-COVID times, we now might be making plans to attend the Youth Energy Conference in Washington, D.C. This is a fun conference with student workshops and speakers, and a chance to meet energy kids from around the country, as well as time to tour DC. Instead, we are invited to use the offered sponsorship funds if we want to attend NEXT year! 
Faculty Sponsor: Barb Lazar
Student leaders: 
Maddie ‘25
Brooklyn ‘26
Chris ‘26
Maya ‘26
Safiya ‘26