Will ‘21 is Making as Many Face Shields as Possible

Soon-to-be-senior Will ‘21 has major goals for the coming weeks. Working with Colin Byrd, a junior at Sandia Prep, he wants to produce as many face shields as possible to donate them to healthcare and essential workers in need. 

The duo are assembling face shields using an open-source design developed by Prusa Research, a 3D printing company based in Prague, Czech Republic. They set up production in a section of a warehouse, creating a temporary production facility where they can manufacture face shields utilizing unused materials. Up until this week, the two have been in the pre-production stage of finalizing logistics, sourcing materials, and making parts. However, Will said their goal for this week was to begin production on Tuesday and produce up to 40 face shields by the end of Thursday. They want to continue producing the shields until their funds run dry. “Our philosophy is that an overstock of medical supplies will always be better than a shortage, so we will continue producing until we run out of money or we create a surplus,” Will disclosed. 

“I am dedicating just a couple hours a day to this project due to school, but we are hoping to slowly ramp up to a 24-hour production cycle as we bring on more people to help,” said Will. All of the shields are being created in a sanitary environment, sterilized in chemicals, and assembled and packaged in an airtight tent with a filtered air supply. After they are produced, they will get packed in a plastic container and delivered the same day to hospitals in need. “We believe that this high standard of production makes these face shields the most attractive unofficial shields,” Will shared.

Will and Colin have been creating projects together for a while now; they even formed an unregistered company in 2018 called WC Enterprises. “It was started as an umbrella to hold any of Colin’s or my personal projects,” Will explained. “We formed the company mainly to put a name on our projects, and we hope we can use what we generate from it to make a difference.”