Bosque Seniors Begin Garden Box Project

Last week, seniors picked up garden box sets for their commemorative Class of 2020 service learning project. Garden boxes will be built by students, decorated by students, and donated to local organizations to promote food justice. This project is in partnership with Food Is Free ABQ (FIFABQ). 
Food Is Free is a global movement that first began in Austin, TX. The Albuquerque chapter was started in 2014 and has become the third largest chapter in the world. FIFABQ believes, “ Food is power, and it is our mission to help give that power back. Fresh food is a human right.” 
Bosque School is grateful for FIFABQ and the work they do for the greater ABQ community.
Ms. Rutins and Mr. MacDonald helped our seniors through the pick-up process. Mr. MacDonald said, “‘Help’ might be a generous word for my role in the activities, but I was able to hang out in the gym parking lot on campus for about 2 ½ hours, at least 6 ft. away from a handful of awesome volunteers and talk with the many seniors who arrived to pick up the garden box kits they’d signed up to build in support of Food Is Free Albuquerque’s efforts to provide garden boxes to local families.” He continued, “Whether it was seeing the creative parking approaches our students took, watching students apply their Bosque education to fitting a garden box into their Hondas, or appreciating the many creative ‘air hugs’ people extended to each other while briefly catching up, it brought me so much joy to see our seniors in person and in action, pausing to start a service project on the night before their last day of school.”
Thank you for your service to our community, seniors!