Celebrating the Earth

Mr. Daly’s 7th grade science students have been busy making observations in their science journals and engaging with the great outdoors! In light of the recent celebration of Earth Day, the class had a special Earth-themed science journal assignment. 

First, they were asked to write their impression of the famous Earthrise photo taken by the Apollo 8 crew, imagining themselves as one of three astronauts who first saw the Earth from the perspective in the photo. They were asked to describe what they saw and how being a part of that mission would have made them feel. 

Here’s what a few of them had to share:

I think seeing Earth like this would make me feel both small and important at the same time. I would feel small seeing the earth just floating out in the hugeness of space. The earth seems huge when you are on it, but in reality it is pretty small compared to everything else in the universe. I think because of this, I would also feel important in the sense that what I do matters. When you are living on Earth, you think that one little thing you do wrong is not a big deal, but seeing it like this, you end up realizing you make a big difference.” ~Hazel ‘25

I think this photo shows that our world seems like an amazing miracle of life in a black, cold galaxy. It shows that we only have one home and should cherish it. When I see the planet like this, I think that it shows that we need to work together to save it. And that we should spend our time on Earth, making it a better place than we found it.” ~Oliver ‘25

I see the world I grew up in, the blue oceans that I visited as a little girl. I would have felt sick thinking that I was so far away from home. It would be out of this world (get it?) to be standing on la Luna. The place I would look up to in the starry, deep blue night sky, but never imagining that I would one day be on the opposite side looking down on Earth. I see a dark, endless space. It would be scary seeing how small I am compared to the great galaxy. ~Madeline ‘25

I believe that this photo was so instrumental in bringing the public’s attention to the environmental issues of the time because they often overlook the earth. When you spend every single second on the planet, you forget to think about how to help keep it healthy. This photo reminded them that the earth is a being, too, and needs us to care for it! Everybody wants to be cared for, and this photo reminded them that they should care for Earth.~Isabel ‘25

Following this activity, the 7th graders then were tasked with creating art with materials sourced from Mother Nature. Some of them recreated the Earthrise photo, and others created Earth-themed pieces. Phineas ‘25 collected rocks, pine cones, leaves, and flower petals that he used to spell out the word “Earth.” Mason ‘25 collected large black and white rocks that he used to recreate the Earthrise photo, with small sand that emulated the surface of the moon. Check out a few of the creations to the right!