“First Lady” Liz Kistin Keller Calls Bosque Bobcats to Action

From our Service Learning department, a special message from Albuquerque's “First Lady” Liz Kistin Keller who is a strong advocate for volunteering and community engagement. Ms. Keller is lending her voice to our final Service Learning initiatives with this message of encouragement and a call to action through remote service activities during COVID-19. Be sure to watch until the end for a special shout-out to our graduating seniors, Class of 2020!

First Lady Keller’s message marks the launch of three school SL initiatives:  
1) Remote Project SERVE for 9th–11th graders
2) Call-to-action for all middle school students and families
3) Special commemorative “Class of 2020” Senior Service Project kick-off next Monday, April 27    

Watch for emails from Ms. Rutins soon!

In the meantime, let’s think about how we, humans, have been offered an opportunity to pause and focus on a sense of purpose during this time of COVID-19. Ask yourself where you are needed in your family, and where you can fill a need in your community, even remotely. Our end-of-year Service Learning options were designed in close collaboration with our community partners and with student choice in mind. This is prime time to Get Up And Do Something for a positive impact and in a way that provides purpose.