Living Through History

Ms. Moore’s 9th grade history class has taken a shift this semester. Ms. Moore explained, “While I still want us to study the human experience and practice historical thinking skills, due to the fact that we are literally experiencing one of modern history’s gravest challenges, we have decided to study COVID-19 in real-time.”

Each week, Ms. Moore’s class will study the impact of the COVID-19 through a different thematic lens.  Last week, their theme centered around the development and interaction of cultures. They approached this theme by analyzing various photo galleries from around the world that document the global experience. Students then critically analyzed the photos and used them to discuss how they think this crisis is affecting cultures around the world. The class worked together to create a slideshow that answered the following questions: 

  •  How has the pandemic affected how we think?
  •  How has this crisis impacted how we relate to others?
  •  How has COVID-19 transformed what we value?   

Julia’ 23 and Isa ‘23 shared their thoughts on these crucial questions in the class’ slideshow:

“This global crisis has provided a lot of insight into how humans interact and what we value in a time of distress. It has given everyone an immense feeling of shock and fear that is often expressed towards “different” people. But, in tandem, it has managed to unite people all over the world. The coronavirus has shown that people, no matter where they are, are really not that different. We seem to have an understanding that we’re all in this together. It’s as if the entire world is fighting on the same side of a war against the virus. ~Julia ‘23

“COVID-19 has greatly impacted and transformed what we value. As humans, almost from the beginning, we have valued power, money, and materialistic things. Suddenly most of these things are no longer of the greatest importance to us. We start to value experiences, communication, and human lives. We notice all the opportunities we are missing. We want to go out and have new experiences and go to new places, but we are no longer given the freedom to do those things. We have to learn a new form of relationship and contact. Almost all relationships, whether romantic, family, or friends, have to be based around communication. Maybe we’re building better communication skills throughout this whole pandemic? Learning how to convey your thoughts and needs in new ways… We also value our life; we realize that almost anyone could catch this disease any day and could be severely sickened or even die from it. We value every minute and time we have with the people we care about.” ~Isa ‘23