Congratulations, Mr. Hannon!

Congratulations to our Director of Enrollment Management Ryan Hannon! He has been offered a placement in the Educational Leadership Doctoral Program at New Mexico State University. 

Mr. Hannon wants to continue his education to expand on his professional background and bring more equity and access to independent schools. He chose to apply to the New Mexico State University Doctoral Educational Leadership Program because it aligns with his personal and professional goal of making schools like Bosque sustainable to benefit the wider community. One of his greatest career goals is to contribute to the national conversation centered around access, equity, and diversity. 

Mr. Hannon shared, “By completing the Educational Leadership Doctoral Program, I hope to continue learning how to diversify independent schools, help more students to access these schools, and make these organizations financially sound for future generations.”

The program will begin this fall. Way to go, Mr. Hannon!