Regina Andreas ‘15 Has a Message for Spring 2020 Graduates

Regina Andreas, Bosque Class of 2015, is finishing up her BS in Dental Hygiene at UNM in May. As she was contemplating what the spring semester of her senior year of college would hold in light of the COVID-19 closures, she wrote this post to her classmates. We asked if we could share her message as it pertains to what many of our Bosque seniors and alumni are experiencing for their graduation and end-of-school events and rituals.
"To my class of 2020,

I know there is a lot of uncertainty for the near future, and it can feel overwhelming and unfair. “Why this year? Why my grade? When am I going to graduate? How are they going to fit in this assignment or these requirements? There’s no way I’m going to make those deadlines! Are they going to cancel graduation? What about my board exams?”

All of these questions are okay to ask, but in the end they are out of our small bubble of control. Each of us is able to control little parts in our circle of influence, and with that power we can fill our mind with confidence or doubt. We have the power to encourage others to see the timeline differently and be along for the ride, rather than attempting to worry about our lack of control. 

Take this time to fill your mind with things that grow you beyond memorization of schoolwork or thoughts of worry. Do your part to stay healthy and happy and practice only what you can control—your words, thoughts, and reactions; checking in on your friends and family; calling the people in your life that you don’t get to talk with as often during the school year." ~Regina Andreas