BEMPin' It up at Home

Our passionate Bosque Ecosystem Monitoring Program (BEMP) team is committed to delivering environmental education—no matter the distance.

In an effort to make themselves as accessible as possible, BEMP is working in partnership with other STEM organizations to provide free weekly educational resources. These resources can be found on BEMP’s website and in print at Grab-and-Go meal locations around New Mexico. 

Each week, BEMP is creating and sharing activities and challenges with the public that anyone can do from inside or outside their home. One of the many activities available is an outdoor scavenger hunt that “will have you paying attention to plants in a whole new way.” A challenge posted last week was all about birds and had BEMPers look outside and consider where they would want to live if they were a bird and why. Challenge participants can share their answers with BEMP on social media with a photo and an explanation.

Wondering what the next challenge will be? Interested in finding more environmental educational resources? Follow BEMP on social media and keep up with new challenges and activities. You will also learn how BEMP staff is “BEMPin’ it up” from home!

Be sure to tag BEMP and use the hashtags #BempinItUp #BempChallenge #Bemp when you participate in their challenges! BEMP would love to see posts about you engaging in their activities and show how you are “BEMPin’ it up” from home too.

BEMP website:
Facebook: @BosqueEcosystemMonitoringProgram 
Instagram: @bempinitup
Twitter: @bempinitup.