Haikus, Reading to Pets, and More in Ms. Pedrick’s Class

Students in Ms. Pedrick's 6th grade English class transitioned to remote learning with creative assignments inspired by the book they’ve been reading, The Watsons Go to Birmingham. Their homework involved annotating the book and taking self-paced quizzes on the Kahoot! game-based learning platform. However, Ms. Pedrick also made optional assignments available to students in the first week of going remote.
Students could choose from these optional assignments:
  1. Compete with classmates on Vocabulary.com! Ms. Pedrick added lessons that cover The Watsons Go to Birmingham vocabulary.
  2. Write a haiku about social distancing, COVID-19, or life at home. 
  3. Play Text Twist—Ms. Pedrick’s favorite basic online word game to encounter new words; it has a timer setting that makes it extra exciting.
  4. Organize books or clothes chromatically (following the ROYGBIV color spectrum)—a way that Ms. Pedrick likes to meditatively organize.
  5. Find a song that you like that was a popular hit in 1963, the year The Watsons Go to Birmingham takes place, and send it to Ms. Pedrick.
  6. Create a video reading part of The Watsons Go to Birmingham. Send it to Ms. Pedrick and she will share it with class!
Even though the assignments were just optional, Ms. Pedrick’s class responded. Students sent in haikus, videos of themselves reading to their pets, and favorite songs from 1963. The top song was undoubtedly “He’s So Fine” by The Chiffons. Ms. Pedrick shared, “I have listened to it a handful of times in past days. It’s true feel-good music!” 
Check out the haiku that Alexia ‘26 wrote about social distancing (photo on right).