Bosque’s Greatest Gift: Community

Bosque’s Greatest Gift: Community

Dear Bosque Friends and Family,

A cherished gift I received from my father while in college was a silver bracelet inscribed with the Ralph Waldo Emerson quote“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” I wore this bracelet for decades. It provided a constant reminder of what matters most, especially in times of challenge.

At Bosque what lies deepest within us is a commitment to the school’s core values of scholarship, community, and integrity. You will see these values in beautiful display in the pages of last year’s Annual Report. I hope that these stories provide a needed break from the current news cycle and refresh memories about what you love most about Bosque. 

As we face unprecedented global challenges connected to the COVID-19 crisis, Bosque School remains committed to our core values. We have been in a remote community and learning mode since March 16. We are leaning into our ethos of innovation to reconsider and reconfigure how we continue to provide Bosque students with access to the transformative methods of teaching, learning, and community that challenges them to thrive both today and tomorrow.

With the sudden news of school closures, our staffulty immediately began to transfer the magic of their relationships with students and advisees into remote models of teaching, learning, and community. They are designing learning opportunities for students to use their creativity, get outdoors, keep learning alive, and meaningfully connect with their families.  I have been sending out a daily electronic Morning Meeting with fun challenges to engage our community and to maintain our cherished daily ritual.  Our students are continuing their commitment to service learning, reaching out independently to our community partners with offers of additional support. We are collecting and sharing information about Bosque family owned businesses during these trying times to share with our larger community. Families are communicating how the connections that continue between staffulty and students are providing a reassuring lifeline to their children in this time of uncertainty.  We are all in this together and we will do everything we can to support each other during these trying times.

And in the midst of such unsteady economic realities for everyone, in this past week alone we have had powerful moments of generosity from within our community. A recent graduate reached out to make an Annual Fund gift sharing “my heart goes out to all of you and I hope that we all come out on the other side - stronger. Bosque was such a positive and life-changing educational experience.” A set of grandparents increased their annual contribution significantly, in support of our current families who they recognized will struggle to maintain tuition payments and who are worrying about re-enrollment next year. Sixty-two percent of our current students receive financial support and we know many families are facing sudden instability. We are committed to keeping our community intact through this crisis. Please consider joining me in supporting what we all cherish most about Bosque- the strength of our community. The gift you make today will have a huge impact on the lives of our students and families who make up the fabric of Bosque. 

This spring will conclude Bosque’s 25th year of transforming lives and cultivating community. We will celebrate this notable anniversary this fall and so hope to join with you to honor what lies behind us, celebrate what lies within us, and look with great optimism and excitement to what lays before us. Thank you for all you have done to contribute to the beautiful narrative that defines Bosque’s story. We wouldn’t be who we are today without you. Join me to envision the incredible future ahead.
With immense gratitude,
Dr. Jessie Barrie
Head of School  
    • Bosque School's 2018-2019 Annual Report.