The Arts as Communication

Bosque 6th graders have been busy this past month working on a cross-curricular inquiry project: “The Arts as Communication.” Last week, students had the opportunity to share their research and art with the rest of our Bosque community.  

This inquiry project pulled from multiple subjects, including English, social studies, math, and Spanish. Students worked in small groups to research a problem and created art as a way to share what they learned about their topic. Some of the problems they researched included pollution, school shootings, animal cruelty, and other critical issues. They researched the topic, wrote a paper about it, created a poster in Spanish, and designed a piece of art to represent the issue.

Sixth graders, Maggie and Lauren, agreed that the part of the project they enjoyed the most was making the art. Their team created a coffin with a large vape pen and unhealthy lungs to symbolize the negative effects of vaping. A few other projects included a large poster that featured an outline of Australia with a three-dimensional “fire,” a puppy mill made out of clay and cardboard, and a life-size cutout of a shooting victim laid out on the floor. All of the projects the 6thgrade students presented were thoughtful, detailed, and exceptionally executed.

“Way to go 6th grade team and students on your inquiry project,” exclaimed Head of Middle School and English Department leader Leslie O’Hanlon. “The students chose powerful topics, and they presented their information and artwork with poise and confidence.”

Great job, 6th grade Bobcats!