Modelo de Naciones Unidas

On Friday, March 6 over 120 students from public, charter, and independent schools from Albuquerque and Santa Fe assembled at the National Hispanic Cultural Center for the 11th Annual Spanish Model United Nations Conference. The conference states, "The Spanish Model UN Conference provides a unique opportunity for students of Spanish to develop and practice skills for debate, analysis, discussion, conflict resolution, and negotiation among its participants, following the model applied by the United Nations," in a real context. 

Students from Bosque Heritage classes 10 and 11, the Seminario classes, Spanish V, and a senior student who wanted to be part of this project participated in this year's conference. Leading up to the conference, students spent countless hours preparing by writing position papers, resolving practice crises, practicing resolutions, and studying the parliamentary procedure. Ms. Rekow even administered a “mini-Spanish Model UN” a couple of weeks before the official conference.

Ms. Rekow expressed the importance of our students’ participation in Spanish Model UN. “I want to foster in them that the idea that they are citizens of the world and what happens in other places also matters, not only what happens here in the United States.” She added, “They need to be knowledgeable about what’s going on in the world.” She says that by preparing for Spanish Model UN and participating in the conference, students are able to develop crucial life skills like public speaking, negotiating, debating, thinking empathetically, communicating, and resolving conflict. Ms. Rekow was one of the founders of the conference and is deeply involved in the planning and production each year. “It’s a lot of work, but it’s worthwhile.”

At the conference, Bosque students debated for over four hours about three topics: Water Access and Privatization, Gender Violence, and Cyber Crime. Bosque had delegates in three different committees: the Security Council. the Crisis Committees, and the General Assembly. Four Bosque teachersAlma Campuzano, Cascade Lineback, Eduardo Aleixandre, and Daniel Abeytaand two Bosque seniorsHelen '20 and Julian '20–served as moderators. Two of our studentsShena '20 and Annabelle '20were selected as winners for Best Delegate in the General Assembly. Way to go, Bobcats! 

Ms. Rekow wants to thank all of the students and moderators who participated in the conference for their dedication and hard work. She says she “takes immense pride in what our Bosque Spanish students are able to accomplish after seven years in our program.” 

The following students participated in the competition:

Annabelle ‘20 
Julian ‘20 
Shane ‘20 
Jihnny ‘20 
Annie ‘20 
Lucia ‘20 
Ashna ‘20 
Neil ‘20 
Maya ‘20 
Allison ‘20
Jose ‘20
Hannah ‘20
Max ‘20
Shena ‘20
Carsten ‘20
Helen ‘20
Kate ‘21
VIctoria ‘21
Mary ‘21 
FInn ‘21
Hawthorn ‘22
Katia ‘22
Anelé ‘22
Emiliano ‘22
Lauren ‘22
Luke ‘22
Paolo ‘22
Jose ‘22
Saskia ‘21
Ale ‘21
Mari ‘21
Gabby ‘21
Mya ‘21
Jordyn ‘21
Arielle ‘21
Camilo ‘21
Paola ‘21
Lizzy ‘20
Well done, Spanish Model UN students!