Perfect Score at Albuquerque UNM Jazz Festival

Bosque jazz trio—Evan ‘21, Mateo ‘21, and Jonah ‘21—earned a perfect score in the 2020 Albuquerque UNM Jazz Festival! This is the fifth year they have participated in the festival, and they felt that expectations would be high, since judges have seen them perform before. “We took on some challenging material for this one.” said Jonah. They played three songs that were judged by influential jazz members in the community, including a saxophonist who has played with Michael Buble. “It was really cool. We received a lot of feedback from the judges after we played, and it was good to have that information from the actual musicians,” said Mateo.

Learning the material took time and practice, and the trio met both at school and outside of school to perfect the numbers. Although the festival doesn’t rank the players into 1st or 2nd places, they still wanted to stand out from the 51 other schools that competed. In addition to receiving a perfect score, the individual members of the trio were also recognized. Evan ‘21 was named “Outstanding Soloist” and all three were named “Outstanding Musicians.” 

Congratulations to Jonah, Mateo, and Evan! You all make Bosque proud!.