Meeting Belle, the Hawk

Students in Ms. Sever’s 6th grade science class welcomed a feathery friend into their classroom the other day. Her name was Belleand she’s a hawk.
During Belle’s visit, students learned about raptor morphology, traits, and their place in the bosque and other ecosystems. They also discovered the impact that humans can have on raptors and conservation efforts to help preserve raptor populations.
“Experiencing Belle the Hawk allowed students to learn firsthand about the morphology, interactions with other living creatures in the bosque, and the importance of the predator/prey relationships that have been discussed while BEMPing and in the classroom,” explained Ms. Sever.
This experience tied into the BEMPing portion of Ms. Sever’s class which focuses on exploring the bosque first-hand, learning about its ecosystem, investigating the relationships between living things in the bosque, and observing human impact in the ecosystem.
Ms. Sever said that her students were excited, inquisitive, and wanted to learn more about raptors!