Phillip Chavez '16 Just Started His Master's Program

Phillip graduated from Bosque School in 2016 and recently received his bachelor's in Political Science from UNM in December 2019. After getting one degree, he went straight into pursuing his next. In January 2020, Phillip began his master’s program in Secondary Education at UNM. He says that Albuquerque is home and “always will be.”

Learning is a passion for Phillip, and he is enjoying the process of diving into a new program. “There is a lot I don't know, and this program is allowing me to discover so much about teaching that I can use in my future career,” he shared. “In the future, I hope to become a phenomenal teacher. Making a difference in kids' lives inspires me.” His summer job as a swim coach has helped him understand how children behave and how to manage children who have different personality types.

Bosque teachers were an inspiration for Phillip. “The way specific teachers had an impact on me made me want to become a teacher, so that I can have the same impact on students.” A few of those teachers that made such a strong impact in his life include Meg King, Sasha Custer, and Ryan Knapp.

When Phillip isn’t studying for his next exam, he makes time to run, watch movies, go out with friends, and read plenty of books.