HH4HH Visit to Casa Angelica

Helping Hands 4 Helping Homes (HH4HH) service learning group is in its second year of partnership with Casa Angelica, a home for children and young adults with developmental disabilities. The group was excited that Casa Angelica invited them to become familiar with their facilities and learn more about the wonderful work they do. 

During their visit, they learned about daily operations at Casa Angelica. “They don’t let kids just sit around all day,” said Ms. Campuzano. “They get them active and involved in many different activities throughout the day.” Casa Angelica plans many activities to do during the week to keep the kids busy and fill every day with fun. They learned about “hand-over-hand” techniques that help guide the children during hands-on activities. They also had an opportunity to learn about “interactive switches” to help the kids do activities. The kids at Casa Angelica go to APS schools and after they graduate, they are able to help with Casa’s service projects. 

Here are what a few of our HH4HH service learning group members thought about their day:

“I thought the visit was very cool. It was great to really learn what actually happens at Casa Angelica. I also thought that it's so great what these people do for the community. I did wonder why the children go to live there without their parents, and also how and when the kids are able to interact with their parents and families.” ~Camilo ‘21

“It’s always great to hear about the journey of Casa and its staff. I loved seeing the kids and facilities and learning how we can help.” ~Connor ‘22

“It was a really interesting and fun experience to be involved with Casa, and I'm glad that I have the opportunity to get this experience.” ~Jaydn ‘22

“I thought the tour to Casa Angelica was very helpful; it was good for us all to see what happens there and to meet some of the staff. I had a great time getting to learn more and I can’t wait to go on the next visits.” ~Campbell ‘23

Ms. Campuzano shared their future plans with the organization. “We will visit Casa Angelica in the future and members of HH4HH will create art activities that they will do with the children and young adults at Casa Angelica.”