Jonah '26 and Lauren '26 Named Fractal Challenge Winners

Congratulations to 6th gradersJonah and Laurenfor being chosen as winners for the Albuquerque Fractal Challenge!

The challenge was created by the Fractal Foundation, a local nonprofit organization that has a mission to “use the beauty of fractals to inspire interest in science, math, and art.” 

Jonah and Lauren entered the challenge while they were attending elementary school at Escuela Del Sol. They were on a team with another Escuela Del Sol student. This year, more than 300 students participated in the challenge and only 8 winning fractal pieces of art were chosen. As one of the winners of the challenge, Jonah and Lauren’s fractal art is being displayed on the outer wall at Escuela Del Sol and is being featured in the Infinity Room at Electric Playhouse for the months of February and March. It was also featured at Fractal Friday on the first Friday of February at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History.

The team is happy with their win and said they had a lot of fun in the process. “There was a computer program that we used to design it and then added the colors. It was really fun to do,” said Lauren. “You also could click on a bunch of different shapes to make lots of changes. This made it so much fun,” echoed Jonah.

Throughout elementary school, Lauren and Jonah worked on fractals by cutting and folding pieces of paper. Later they used software provided by the Fractal Foundation to create their masterpiece.

The part they liked the most? They both agreed: “Designing the fractal.”