Día de San Valentín

As the theme of Heritage 10 class is immigration, the class invited the ESL, or “English as a Second Language,” students from Encuentro into their classroom last week.

Encuentro’s mission is “to transform New Mexico into a thriving community for all of its residents. We do this by engaging immigrant families in educational and career development opportunities that build skills for economic and social justice.” Part of how they achieve this is offering ESL classes for adults and collaborating with supportive community partners, like Bosque School.

The collaboration between the ESL class and our Heritage 10 students allowed both groups to not only practice English or Spanish, but exchange life experiences. There were five students who were mostly from Patricia Bonilla's “ESL Beginners” class at Encuentro. “They were happy to join us and share a beautiful morning,” said Señora Rekow. Bosque and the Encuentro students played games, had enriching conversations, ate delicious food especially from Mexico, and made Valentines that they exchanged with each other. 

“As a follow-up, my students will write little booklets/brochures on their experience with these wonderful people,” Ms. Rekow explained.

We think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!