AP Exam Opportunity

AP exams are college-level tests administered by The College Board (makers of the SAT) that are offered in May of each year at participating high schools. These exams are designed to test knowledge in a specific subject area and qualifying scores may earn credit and/or advanced placement at a student's future college or university. Not wanting to restrict our classrooms to test preparation, Bosque has intentionally chosen not to offer these exams as part of our curriculum. Our inquiry-based learning model allows teachers the freedom to cover topics in greater depth and students the benefit of a more active approach to learning.
Recognizing that some students may still wish to participate in this program, Bosque has made an agreement with Albuquerque Academy that allows interested Bosque students to take AP exams on the Academy campus. Although the relevant Bosque classes will provide foundational knowledge of the subject, students should expect to contribute a significant amount of time studying independently to be adequately prepared for the specifics of each exam. Interested students should speak with the appropriate teachers about their potential for success and with Mr. Giesmann, Director of College Counseling, about the likelihood of earning college credit. The deadline to register for the May 2020 exams is March 12 and the cost per exam is $136.