Holocaust Remembrance in 7th Grade

“Say My Name. Read My Story. Remember Me.”

The United Nations General Assembly designated January 27—the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau—as International Holocaust Remembrance Day.
On this annual day of commemoration, the UN urges every member state to honor the six million Jewish victims of the Holocaust and millions of other victims of Nazism and to develop educational programs to help prevent future genocides.

With each passing year, the number of Holocaust survivors left to tell their story diminishes. Within 25 years, it is likely no survivors will remain. It is up to us to preserve their memory, to ensure that the horrors of the past will never be repeated.

To honor the anniversary of the liberation of Aushwitz Concentration Camp 75 years ago, our 7th graders observed International Holocaust Remembrance Day with Ms. Lazar in the library.
They learned the importance of story, the humanization of individuals, and the courage to stand up for others. Say my name. Read my story. Remember me. #WeRemember

One of the things we did to humanize and honor the victims and survivors was to Say My Name. Read My Story. Remember Me.” The #WeRemember project is part of the International Holocaust Remembrance. Students read short personal histories and posted them on the “Tree of Hope” wall.