Student Spotlight: Senior Thesis and Colloquium-Campbell '20

Senior Thesis and Colloquium is the culmination of a seven-year journey. Bosque seniors undertake a yearlong independent research project and deliver their findings in a twenty-page research essay, as well as in a public presentation at Colloquium. Over the course of the year, students will submit a formal prospectus, conduct text-based research and fieldwork, and test their arguments at a defense.

In the weeks leading up to Colloquium on May 13 and 14, the BUZZ will feature the thesis topics of Bosque’s seniors and provide insight into these student-researchers as they work toward the completion and presentation of their finished work.

Campbell ‘20
Common emotional and social issues that students living with developmental dyslexia have who are attending or have attended a public school in New Mexico. 

About Campbell’s Thesis:
Campbell’s thesis began with doing research on dyslexia and what scientists currently understand about the disorder, as well as how that connects to the experiences of students who have dyslexia. She plans to interview professionals about the neurological aspects of dyslexia and their experiences treating dyslexia. Finally, she will interview students who have dyslexia and ask them about their experiences with the disorder. 

Campbell chose this topic because she has dyslexia and previously attended a public school. From her experience, she feels that public school students with dyslexia don’t often receive counseling to cope with their disorder, even though it’s the most common learning disability. This is also an important topic because there is a high rate of dyslexic people in prison. 

Researcher Bio:
Campbell has been running cross country for all four years of high school and was one of the captains her senior year. She intends to study Nursing or Public Health in college.