Determining School Holidays

Q: How does the school determine which holidays are taken off school?

Setting our major dates calendar is an incredibly challenging, and sometimes seemingly impossible annual puzzle. Our first priority is to ensure we are meeting mandated state instructional hours. Second, we attempt to align our days off with APS, recognizing the challenges created for families and staffulty with children at APS when this does not match up. Finally, we comprehensively look at the extensive list of religious and cultural holidays that apply within our community. With all of these various factors, and our mandated state instructional hours, we are never able to meet the needs of all possible scenarios for our families and we know this can create questions and conflicts. We want to assure you that this is a very thoughtful and intentional (while imperfect) process. While we know that we will never be able to meet all needs, we want to work in partnership with our students and families to ensure you  feel supported in celebrating important days together. If an important personal holiday is not listed as a day off on the major dates family calendar, please reach out to your child’s division head or grade level dean letting them know. We will then work with your child’s teachers to ensure that appropriate make up time is built in to enable your child the ability to focus on unencumbered family time. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions about this.