Ariel Monteith '12 is Enjoying LA Life

Ariel is currently back in school pursuing her Master’s of Science in Applied Psychology at University of Southern California! After graduating from Bosque in 2012, she received her undergraduate degree from the University of Denver in 2016 with a BA in Spanish and Political Science. Initially, she was set on pursuing just a Political Science degree, but studying abroad in Chile inspired her to add a Spanish major as well. 

Along with going to school, Ariel is also working as the Network Operations Manager at Equitas Academy Charter Schools. There, she works on charter compliance with the Los Angeles Unified School District. She also does accounting and general operations. Although this role does not necessarily match her major, she enjoys working closely with families and staff across schools. “My role encompasses a broad range of responsibilities so I have the opportunity to connect with many different groups,” said Ariel. “The mission of our organization is to close the achievement gap between underserved students in the Los Angeles Pico Union area and get 100% of all students to and through four-year colleges or universities. Our students and families, the vast majority of whom are recent immigrants to the United States, inspire me every day with their commitment to education and our schools.”

Prior to this position, Ariel was an AmeriCorps member in San Francisco. She worked as a volunteer coordinator for a nonprofit that funded and ran volunteer-based reading programs in public schools all across the Bay Area.

Even with distance between them, Ariel has not forgotten her Bosque family. “I am happy to say that I am still in regular contact with Cedes Ramos (‘12), Isa Mertz (‘12), and Sarintha Bell (‘12). I also occasionally get to see other members of my graduating class which is always fun.” She looks back fondly at her time at Bosque, and in particular the community service experiences. “I always looked forward to those outings with my classmates,” she shared.

“I learned so much at Bosque, but I think one of the most valuable experiences I had in preparation for college was the Senior Thesis project. This more than anything prepared me for the work that came in my college courses and knowing what a strong research paper should look like.” In addition to the Senior Thesis project, she said that Ms. Gleason also made a significant impact on her life and her time at Bosque. “She was my Spanish teacher starting in the 7th grade on and also my advisor in high school. I loved our time in advisory meetings, Ms. Gleason was our rock and the best advisor we could ask for.”

Ariel has an adventurous spirit. On the weekend, you can find her hiking or trying out a new restaurant in the LA area. “I am looking forward to finishing up my master's and exploring where life takes me next!”