Science Olympiad Wants You!

Great job to all of the Bosque School Science Olympians! Both the middle and upper school Science Olympiad teams have qualified to compete at NM Science Olympiad State competition on Saturday, February 22 in Socorro, NM.
Middle school students who attended: Isa ‘25 and Alexia ‘26
Upper school students who attended: Julian ‘20, Lizzy ‘20, Sierra ‘20, Chloe Lamb ‘20, Elizabeth ‘21, and Victoria ‘21.
Upper schoolers competed in 11 events and received medals:
Astronomy 3rd place – Sierra ‘20 and Chloe ‘20
Fossils 2nd place – Lizzy ‘20
Write It, Do It – Lizzy ‘20 and Chloe ‘20
Science Olympiad is calling all interested Bosque students to join them and help to win state!
Science Olympiad coaches, Caroline Enos and Andy Dalton, are available to help students prepare and will be in L14 every Tuesday morning and Friday after school. Additional hours can be added upon students’ request.