Josiah '24 Chosen as Semifinalist in Rover Naming Contest

Congratulations to Josiah ‘24 for being named a semifinalist in NASA’s “Name the Rover” contest! Students around the country had the opportunity to submit names for NASA’s Mars rover. 

Josiah submitted the name “Promise” because it’s a word of action and determination. To him, it represents NASA’s promises kept and yet to be fulfilled in the continuing pursuit of knowledge about our universe. Josiah said,“It feels great to be a semifinalist because out of 28,000 entries, my rover name was one of 155 chosen to be a semifinalist.” See his submission here.

Josiah visited the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in 2018 with his parents and uncle while the Mars rover was being assembled. “When my mom told me about this challenge, I wanted to give it a shot because it would be amazing for the rover I saw that day to forever bear the name that I came up with,” said Josiah.

Although Josiah’s name was not chosen to continue to the final round, he can still be proud to have been part of the 0.6% to have been selected as a semifinalist. With an interest in space exploration and space vehicles, Josiah said, “I can see myself one day being an engineer or scientist working at NASA or JPL.”

His parents, Carol and Mark Fidel, expressed how proud they were of their son. “We’re both proud he took the time to participate in this challenge and create a relevant, inspiring name for the next Mars rover. He has always been interested in space exploration, rockets, and other space vehicles, so this was a fun way to blend his creativity and his interests.”

Way to go, Josiah!

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