Stephen Barnett ‘15: School, Work, and Friends

Stephen Barnett, Class of 2015, doesn’t want to stop at just one college degree, but is considering five. He already has three associate’s degrees under his belt from Central New Mexico Community College in Business, Liberal Arts, and Integrated Studies. Additionally, he is currently attending UNM and pursuing his bachelor's in Business Administration with a concentration in MIS. He wants to continue his educational journey after his undergraduate program by attending graduate school to obtain his master’s in Business Administration. 

For the time being, he’s focusing on his school work and actual work. Stephen has been a manager for five years at Solstar Energy Devices and Satellite Phones. There, he administers the bulk of the business by acquiring leads, maintaining relationships with customers, and processing accounts receivable/payable. On top of that, he helms the developmental side of the business by overseeing website development and formulating future business plans. He says that this experience has helped him get a better idea of what his future education at business school will entail. The thing he likes most about his work? “Controlling my own destiny,” he says. He added, “And since we live in a capitalistic society, it sort of helps me develop a more sophisticated idea of where my money goes (as a consumer), and how it is handled as an employer/business organization.” 

Stephen has also gained valuable experience through an internship with the local startup Solstar Space Co. As an intern, he organized a pre-spaceflight reception and had to entertain guests from NASA and universities alike. He also helped with technical support on a payload that went into space. “That was pretty cool,” he said. Stephen acknowledged that these experiences were crucial in the development of his confidence going into his field of study.

Stephen still keeps in touch with several Bosque alums from the Class of 2015—Max Radaelli, Tommy Miller, and Jack Ivey—as well as Joel Pecos-Duarte and Sam Freed from the Class of 2016. “I've remained incredibly close with my primary friends group from Bosque,” Stephen shared. He looks back at his Bosque years with fondness, saying that his teachers at Bosque were “truly the kindest and most open teachers I have ever had.” He added, “It wasn't until recently that my friends and I have truly realized and appreciated how privileged we were to attend Bosque.” 

On the weekend, you can find Stephen watching sports, playing video games, traveling, and having fun with his friends.