Makers Making Change's First Build-a-Thon

One of Bosque School’s newest Service Learning groups, Makers Making Change (MMC), had their first event ever on the weekend before last. The focus of the group is to create Assistive Technology and make it more accessible to individuals with disabilities in an effort to improve the lives of these individuals. 

The activities at the event perfectly aligned with the group’s goals. Will ‘21, co-leader of Bosque’s MMC chapter, said that the event was “a big success.” He expressed that the purpose of the event was to hear from guest speakers, talk to community partners, and actually build Assistive Technology. “We built these little switches,” he said. “They’re basically just buttons, but they’re used to adapt things for people with disabilities.The event was open to the public and anyone could build the technology. He explained, “You come, get all the materials, get a sheet that tells you how to do it, and then you build them.” The Service Learning group assisted builders with assembling and soldering the switches. At the end of the event, they had built a total of 25 switches. Will said the group has already donated five of the switches they built at the event to New Mexico Technology Assistance Program, a program that lends pieces of assistive technology.

Will explained that the switches are not very useful on their own, but they will tie into their next project which will use the switches to adapt toys and other household items. Later this semester, the group is going to break up into smaller teams, buy toys on Amazon, rip them apart, and then adapt them to be used with their switches. Will said they will then donate all of the adapted toys to either New Mexico Technology Assistance Program or Carrie Tingley Hospital.  

“I think we’re doing some good in the community,” said Will. “To already be donating things and making progress as a first semester Service Learning group, a new group, is really amazing.”