Student Spotlight: Senior Thesis and Colloquium-Maya '20

Senior Thesis and Colloquium is the culmination of a seven-year journey. Bosque seniors undertake a yearlong independent research project and deliver their findings in a twenty-page research essay, as well as in a public presentation at Colloquium. Over the course of the year, students will submit a formal prospectus, conduct text-based research and fieldwork, and test their arguments at a defense.

In the weeks leading up to Colloquium on May 13 and 14, the BUZZ will feature the thesis topics of Bosque’s seniors and provide insight into these student-researchers as they work toward the completion and presentation of their finished work.

Maya ‘20
How digital tools (such as spell check, Grammarly, Google Docs, etc.) could change the way high school students write and perform.

About Maya’s Thesis:
The way students write and express their thoughts, ideas, and work is changing in schools as technology becomes more prominent in classrooms. Especially as it comes to writing, many students utilize tools such as spell check and Grammarly for writing purposes. Maya’s thesis aims to explore how these tools could evolve in the classroom, and how could these tools change the way students perform in school and in their own writing ability.

“This topic is important to me because of how many of my peers and other high school students struggle in writing without spell checks or tools,” said Maya. She believes that these tools could greatly change how students think about writing now and in their futures, and could provide students with different ways to express their writing voices and abilities.

Researcher Bio:
This year, Maya has been a part of Bosque School's Oracle, a student-led art and writing zine. She loves highlighting the arts at Bosque and being able to be a part of a wonderful arts program. In college, she plans to study language arts, and/or art/design.