Student Spotlight: Senior Thesis and Colloquium-Carsten '20

Senior Thesis and Colloquium is the culmination of a seven-year journey. Bosque seniors undertake a yearlong independent research project and deliver their findings in a twenty-page research essay, as well as in a public presentation at Colloquium. Over the course of the year, students will submit a formal prospectus, conduct text-based research and fieldwork, and test their arguments at a defense.

In the weeks leading up to Colloquium on May 13 and 14, the BUZZ will feature the thesis topics of Bosque’s seniors and provide insight into these student-researchers as they work toward the completion and presentation of their finished work.

Carsten ‘20
Investigating nostalgia through language. 

About Carsten’s Thesis:
The focus of his thesis project is to examine nostalgia, through a method of questioning and investigation outlined by the German philosopher Martin Heidegger, in an attempt to better understand it. Carsten will investigate the word's different meanings in the past in order to assemble a definition that is both accurate and broad. He will also explore people's experiences with nostalgia and draw parallels between what the etymology of the word describes, and what human experience with the feeling describes. 

“I have always been interested in philosophy, human nature, and memories/time. This is an opportunity to further explore those concepts,” explained Carsten. 

Researcher Bio:
Carsten has been playing soccer since he was five years old. He’s been playing at the varsity level for four years. He also enjoys skiing. Carsten has been involved in Spanish Model UN for two years. In college, Carsten plans to study philosophy, political science, or creative writing/journalism. While attending university, he plans to play soccer in England as well. He is not sure which college will be the best fit for him yet.