Kali Wilson ‘16: Recent Grad and Future Lawyer

Kali Wilson, Class of 2016, has some exciting news! In December, she graduated from Trinity University in Texas a semester early and accepted an offer to join the UNM School of Law’s Class of 2023 in the fall. 

As an undergraduate student, Kali earned a double major in International Studies, with concentration in the Middle East and International Affairs, and Sociology. She said that her undergraduate path was inspired by many classes she took at Bosque. “I remember learning about the Arab-Israeli Conflict and a comparative religions unit that first sparked my interest in the Middle East and learning about Islam,” said Kali. “In upper school, I took International Relations and American Thought. These classes and topics led me towards International Studies, and from there I gained a passion for social justice which led me to pursue a major in Sociology simultaneously.”

Kali decided to pursue a law degree while she was traveling abroad in her undergraduate program. She went abroad several times and had the opportunity to study international law, international criminal justice, and international human rights. In between her sophomore and junior year, Kali studied abroad in Bosnia and Herzegovina. There she studied the genocide that occurred in the 1990s in the former Yugoslavia. She then studied in The Hague where she learned about international criminal courts and tribunals, like the Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia which prosecuted the genocide in Bosnia. The following summer, Kali studied abroad in Amman Jordan and learned Arabic.

Kali shared, “While abroad I felt as if international law gave a framework to solve complex global problems,” but she wanted to learn more. “I hope that a law degree will give me the tools to work to improve the international legal system and fight for social justice issues abroad such as the education of women and rights for refugees.” It is no surprise that Kali hopes to pursue her passion and eventually practice international law, international criminal law, or human rights law.

As an undergraduate student, Kali also served as a resident assistant and joined a sorority where she was appointed as the recruitment chair, alumnae chair, and social chair.