6th Grade Geniuses

“Genius Hour” allows students to explore their own passions and encourages creativity in the classroom. Bosque School adopted and implemented its own version of this concept through a cross-curricular assignmentthat asks students to find and explore a topic or area of deep interest. Sixth grade students presented their Genius Block Projects before winter break.

Ms. Jenkins, Middle School social studies teacher, explained the details of the project: “Students were asked to explore their interests and passions and ask themselves what they would study and learn if they could chart their own course. They then took their idea and presented it to a group of their peers. They set achievable goals, created a clear plan, and found an expert to guide them. Once they gained peer approval, they were set to take off.” Students chose a range of topics that included learning about dance techniques, ice cream-making, rattlesnakes, drawing, music, and even sugar consumption. “While learning goals for each project varied, all students worked on time management, organization, and public-speaking skills as part of their project,” said Ms. Jenkins. In the process, they learned a lot about themselves and their passions.

"I was impressed by the range of projects the students chose and how poised they were in presenting their projects to visitors. They totally owned this process." ~Leslie O’Hanlon