Eli '20 Makes it Official on Signing Day

Eli ‘20 is heading to Western State University (WSU) in Colorado and becoming a Mountaineer! He made it official by signing on to join the college’s basketball team a couple of weeks ago. 

Playing as a Mountaineer has been a longtime dream for Eli. He was first exposed to the school the summer after his sophomore year when he was invited to attend an elite basketball camp at the college. His coach and father, Clifton Davidson, shared that he performed really well and the school was surprised that he was only a sophomore at the time. At the camp, Eli was given an opportunity to showcase his skills. The coaches at the school put him through college-level drills and made him play games against actual players on the team, as well as with other kids in the camp. Eli shared, “It was intimidating, but exciting.” The school clearly saw his great potential and remarkable skills on the court.

Following the camp, Eli knew WSU was his school. He followed the team and attended as many games as he could. Coach Davidson joked that “Eli really kind of forced an offer from them.”

However, Eli’s basketball skills speak for themselves. “He’s done it all on his own,” said Coach Davidson. The coach explained that Eli was never given any special treatment because Eli was his son. “In fact, I told Eli’s coach in 8th grade not to put him on the varsity team, but he didn’t listen to me,” he laughed.

Eli has attended Bosque School since the 6th grade. He expressed that the people who he surrounds himself with at Bosque have helped shape him into who he is today. He says that his coach, and dad, has helped him every step of the way. Eli has made all-district team every year, even as an 8th grader. He has made the all-state team for the last two years, has achieved district player of the year, and is ranked number two in the state of New Mexico high schools. “He’s worked really hard,” said Coach Davidson. 

Coach Davidson is clearly a very proud coach, and father. We are proud of Eli too and wish him all the best at Western State University.