Giving Thanks

Head of School, Dr. Jessie Barrie
Dear Bosque Believers,

Thanksgiving. The giving of thanks. This is the true meaning of this week’s holiday, which can easily get lost in the midst of turkeys, Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. However your family chooses to engage with the upcoming days, I hope they provide you a chance to slow down, decompress, disconnect, and build memories with those who matter most to you. For me, Thanksgiving  is about time in pj’s, lazy mornings, a hike in the forest with my family, a “Just Dance” tournament with friends, and the opportunity to create a space of deep gratitude, where I meaningfully pause to reflect on what matters most to me.  

It was a highlight of my year to have so many of our grandparents and grandfriends on campus this week. I lost my remaining grandmother a few weeks ago, just nine days shy of her 103rd birthday. Her influence in my life, and that of my other grandparents, has been immense. They brought me unconditional love, raw truth, and a perspective on my parents that I wouldn’t have known without their memories and candor. Connecting to our elders is a critically valuable element toward creating our own identities, and it was an honor to meet so many wonderful individuals this week and to see the warmth and connection between grandparents/friends and our current students. 

One of my all-time favorite musical albums that connects to a lifetime of memories for me, is George Winston’s “December.” My gift to you is the hauntingly beautiful track of “Thanksgiving.” I hope you can take a moment to listen to it as you settle in these next few days.

With deep gratitude for being a part of our wonderful community,

Jessie Barrie, PhD
Head of School