Math Contests in Full Swing at Bosque in November

November is a busy month of math contests for Bosque School students. During the first weekend, 34 students in both Middle School and Upper School were dedicated enough to give up a Saturday or Sunday afternoon in order to tackle the UNM-PNM Statewide Math Contest. This uniquely local contest challenges students to persevere up to 3 hours on 10 very difficult problems that require students to think deeply and to be creative. Then this week, all Middle School students participated in Math Olympiad during math classes. 
This monthly contest runs from November to March and helps students develop flexibility in solving challenging math problems while discovering joy for puzzles in math. The Math Olympiad also helps Bosque math teachers identify students ready to step up to advanced courses. Next week, advanced students in Middle School will participate Monday morning during their first block in the AMC 8 (American Mathematical Competitions), an annual contest that plants the seeds for success on the high school version that occurs in the winter. 
Finally, Upper School students can opt to join the fun of the ASMA math contest during community block and lunch next Tuesday. This is another monthly contest, which runs from October to March and is open to any Upper School student. In fact, the ASMA contest is great for helping students get ready for standardized college entrance exams because of the skills and concepts it often covers and because of the buzz it creates among students for discussing their various solution approaches. This ultimately is the point of Bosque’s participation in these contests—to get students pumped up and talking about math!