David Sbarge, Class of 2012: Russian Aficionado and Literature Lover

Class of 2012 alumnus, David Sbarge, is back in school pursuing a master’s degree. David initially went to Sarah Lawrence for an undergraduate degree, but transferred to University of New Mexico and graduated with a degree in Russian and a minor in Comparative Literature. He had previously been working on a master’s in Education, but after teaching high school students at Rio Grande High School for a year, he decided that it wasn’t his true calling. That is when he decided to go back to school.

As an undergrad student, he said that he majored in Russian not only because he had accumulated so many Russian credits, but he was also inspired by one of his Russian language professors, Melissa Frazier. “She was the kind of teacher who never gave you answers in our seminars but posed us some of the most tantalizing questions. For instance, questions of utopia and dystopia and 19th century authors’ strange fascination with physiology,” explained David. He was able to practice the language while spending a year abroad in Yaroslavl Russia through Middlebury College.

His current master’s program consists of ten online modules that focus on the psychology of decision-making, political science, and economics. There are other courses within the program he can take that focus on health or education policy as well. “It’s very interesting and maybe even offers some pragmatic answers to questions I faced in literature courses,” said David.

In David’s spare time, he enjoys reading Russian poetry like Pasternak, brainstorming for future stories he wants to write, and working on film projects with friends.